What is D'Kana?

D'Kana was originally created in 2002 by Huxley and Eclipse.
Avalon, their master was away at the time. They both had
a padawan of their own, Niten was Huxley's padawan and
Krusaeder as Eclipse's padawan. This went on for some time
until both of the padawans were at a high stage of their training.
This was when Bambi(H) and Jaina(E) joined the scene. This
went on and on till you get the image that you see on the tree page.

But what is D'Kana really?
From Eclipse's point of view D'Kana was thought of / created to keep
the link between padawan and master active. Even after they had
ompleted their training. As more and more D'Kana came to be,
we added a new structure. A structure that defines how someone
can become a D'Kana. When a D'Kana takes on a padawan it usually
is because of the general attitude of the padawan in question.
Being graceful in victory aswell as defeat, and having the
drive to better themselves not only in terms of dueling ability,
but in their treatment of others.

This also means showing dedication, passion and motivation to
continue on this very path.Though having a D'Kana as a master
does not imply that you cannot learn from others aswell.
For example quite a few D'Kana have trained along side Dante Valmont.
As long as the cycle of learning new ways is passed on to the newer
generation of players. This, perhaps better said way of life will
co-exist with whatever there is to come. Be it newer games,
completely different games. D'Kana is a choice of lifestyle.
We act it out under one name. While many of you out there are
able to do the same as us. Observe, Learn, Teach.

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts;
to believe in the heroic makes heroes."